BrandSpace is a branding and design agency. We create, transform and amplify ambitious and established brands, helping them stand out and achieve their commercial goals. We are a team of visionary creatives offering solutions across both online and offline platforms. Above all else we strive for the perfect core idea, one big enough to shape the future of your organisation. 


What makes BrandSpace different is our approach, we defy convention, rewrite the rules and offer creative solutions that truly represent our clients offering. We achieve this through our unique process, gaining a total understanding of your business.

We believe that a successful design solution is the result of collaboration and partnership, working closely with key project stakeholders at every stage of the process. We specialise in building brand identities, by working with clients early on to help them define their brand, and partnering all the way through to delivery of key touch points.


Brand Space oversees projects on a variety of scales, both locally, nationally and internationally. Our clients range from small to large organisations in a wide variety of sectors. We work with clients who share our passion for creativity and value the collaborative process. Our unique approach allows us to confidently service our clients no matter the sector they operate in. 

Below is a selection of clients currently involved in projects within the studio.